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Dog Behaviourist covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

Internationally renowned Dog Behaviourist with over 35 years experience, specialising in dog aggression and social issues. 

Dog Behaviourist - aggession

The Dog Partnership

How we work

A Behaviourist with an unique approach to aggression

I am a specialist in aggression and have over 35 yrs. experience working with dogs with behavioural issues, both in rescue and in the home. I have a unique approach to working with aggression. Ths approach is now widely used by many vets, trainers and behaviourists, in the UK, Europe and Japan.

I work alongside Teaching Dogs, the true experts in dog communication, who guide and support dogs, building their confidence and developing their social skills enabling them to relax and enjoy the company of other dogs.

Many dogs exhibit what can be interpreted as aggression, but they may not be feeling aggressive. Displays of aggression are usually a survival strategy for dogs who find themselves in a situation they cannot cope with. Each dog is an individual and should be respected as such.

Before looking at what your dog is doing, it’s essential to look at how they are feeling. This is what is most important.


Whether your dog is displaying aggression, or is having general difficulties for other reasons, a Success Programme is designed and tailored to their individual needs.

I train from Wellington, Porlock and Brent Knoll both in the week and weekends enabling me to offer a time and venue to suit you.


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Dog Behaviourist in Somerset

About Me

A Dog Behaviourist with over 35 years of experience

Founded in 1999, The Dog Partnership offers support for dogs experiencing social difficulties.


Angela Stockdale, has over 35 years of experience working as a behaviourist dealing with dog aggression and has worked closely with both national and international animal welfare & rescue organisations such as the Dogs Trust, and the Battersea Dogs Home.


Dog Behaviorist in Somerset with Collie

Mary D

THE best behaviourist and canine aggression specialist ever. Years of experience and a holistic attitude towards all the dogs (and owners!) she works with. Would recommend without reservation.

Olivia Hugo stop- Dog Behaviourist Somerset

Sarah Ellis

It is amazing what a positive impact Angela has had on my rescue dog. Meru has discovered the joy of playing with other dogs. It is wonderful to watch

Angela Stockdale Dog Behaviourist Somerset

Jane Turner

I don't know what I would have done without Ange & The Dog Partnership ..... she has helped restore both Hero's confidence & my own. Her experience with "problem dogs" is second to none. Highly recommend.


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The Dog Partnership - Dog Behaviourist - Monument Rd, Wellington, Somerset, UK, TA21 9PW,

Covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and the South West of England

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