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Dog Partnership Course

The Dog Partnership course comes in 4 modules and is of benefit to trainers and dog owners alike. And anyone who wants to take their relationship and understanding of dogs to a deeper level. 

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Dog Communication

Using video footage and practical observation, this workshop gives an insight into communication in dogs.  It covers body posture, scent evaluation and marking, distances and vocalisation.


Teaching Dogs

This course is run over four days and gives an insight to the work of the Teaching Dog; an invaluable partner in helping dogs with potential or established social issues.

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Emotions and Behaviour

Using video footage and practical demonstrations, this workshop looks, in depth, at the relationship between emotions and behaviour. 

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Prey Drive & Social Issues

This is a mainly practical workshop, where several dogs will be assessed for their Predatory behaviour.   We will look at the complexity of the Predatory Pattern and it's influence on social issues.


More information

Please contact me for more information:

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