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How we work

The Dog Partnership focuses on the Dog's emotions, not their behaviour

Communication and Understanding


An essential element of working any dog is the ability to read and understand their body language. You can read many books on dog communication, but the real teachers are the dogs themselves. Practical experience far surpasses any book written.


It is of paramount importance to be able to read the very first signals of stress. The dog should never be put in a situation that they find stressful. As well as this being traumatic for the dog, if they are stressed, they cannot learn. As they progress through their Success Programme, they will experience more difficult situations, but only to a level that they can cope with.

How we work - Dog Behaviorist Somerset


You can change a dog’s behaviour through training but that does not mean that you have changed how they feel. The dog alone has sole responsibility of their emotions. 


If they choose to drive the dog away by showing aggression, they will experience a sense of relief. It is the feeling of relief that reinforces this behaviour. There is no need for treats, toys; it is a self-rewarding behaviour.


Teaching Dogs


With dog to dog social issues, we work with Teaching Dogs. Teaching Dogs will guide and support your dog, initially on one a one to one basis and then in a class environment. Teaching Dogs communicate with other dogs far better than we ever can.


Our Teaching Dogs will gain your dog's trust and respect in a way they understand. Once trust and respect is established, your dog will learn from the Teaching Dogs how to communicate and therefore relax in a situation that previously they found threatening. 


In time, your dog will learn how to cope with the most difficult situations they would encounter whilst out exercising, in this safe and controlled environment. These could be seeing another dog in the distance and seeing another dog appear suddenly in front of them. Your dog will learn how to cope on and off lead. 

Please visit our Resolving Issues page for more information about how we can help you and your dog.

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