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The Dog Partnership has a unique approach to working with aggression, operating in the spirit of understanding and co-operation. We focus on the dog's emotions, not their behaviour

Before working with your dog, it is essential to understand their character, sensitivity and their general ability to cope in everyday life. When your dog is relaxed in our exercise field, they will meet one or several of our Teaching Dogs. 

Teaching Dogs are unique to the world of dogs. They have an instinctive desire to care for dogs experiencing social difficulties. They adapt their approach and interaction according to your dog’s needs, in the moment. Then offer them guidance and support when they meet new dogs and people.

In our  fully enclosed exercise fields, your dog will have the freedom to make their own choices, which will naturally help them relax. And, under the guidance and support of Teaching Dogs, your dog will learn how to communicate with other dogs in a calm and confident manner. 

The Dog Partnership was founded in 1999 by Angela Stockdale to offer support for dogs experiencing social difficulties. Angela has over 35 yrs. experience of working with aggression and has worked closely with both national and international animal welfare organisations.  Angela also lectured at Southampton University on Canine Aggression and Teaching Dogs. She also runs regular courses,  in the UK, Europe and Japan. 

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