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About me

I began working as a Veterinary Nurse in 1985. Sadly, some dogs were brought to the practice for euthanasia because of aggression issues. The vet that I worked for agreed that I could ask the owner’s permission to work with these dogs in my own home.  The majority of dogs that I worked with returned home to their families, but some were found new homes.


I attended no training or behavioural courses, but I had the best tutors in the world – the dog’s themselves. And so, my journey began.


Years later, I established my own animal rescue centre where I only took in dogs with severe aggression issues. I successfully re-homed over three hundred dogs. This earned me the ' Animal Country ' award, present by Sarah Kennedy and Desmond Morris in 1995. 

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I now work closely with Animal Shelters in other countries, including Japan and Italy; primarily advising on kennel stress management and rehabilitation of aggression issues. 

I have worked closely with RSPCA, The Dog’s Trust, Battersea Dogs Home and Guide Dogs for the Blind. I have also lectured at Southampton University on Canine Aggression. I was an associate of Robin Walker MRCVS, sadly no longer with us, who was a co-founder of Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE).

I was a behaviour consultant for the television series 'Absolutely Animals' and was also involved with Pet Rescue, when working with dogs with social issues at my local RSPCA.  And I was featured with my Teaching Dogs on the National Geographic television programme, 'Dogs with Jobs'.

Currently, I run extensive webinars and workshops on various topics including Aggression, Communication, Emotions and Behaviour, Natural Relationships, Possession and Prey Drive.  These events are designed for the public and dog professionals alike. They are currently run in the UK, Europe and Japan.


I am based in Devon but also cover Somerset, Wiltshire and Avon.

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