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Resolving Issues

Resolving Issues

Initial Meeting


After our initial telephone consultation, we can arrange either a home visit and/or an outdoor assessment, whichever is most suitable for you and your dog. 

You will then be invited to meet us at one of our fully enclosed Dog Exercise Fields, in Somerset. Your first visit is primarily to assess your dog and the issue at hand.  We will assess their social issue, ascertaining the motivation and intention behind their behaviour. In this safe environment, they will be lead free at all times, allowing them to make their own choices. 

After our meeting, an Assessment Report and Success Programme will be designed specifically for you and your dog. This will be sent to you within one week of your dog’s assessment. 

Follow up Meetings

We will re-assess their issues and begin the first stages of their Success Programme.  

In the case of dog-to-dog issues, they will meet theTeaching Dogs they were introduced to in their first session and will have full interaction with the them, when they are relaxed enough to do so. The Teaching Dogs, using body language and movement will indicate when your dog is confident enough to meet them directly.


When your dog is ready, they will join a Communication Classes.The dogs in the Communication Class are specifically chosen to suit each dog’s character and needs at that time. As your dog progresses, they will meet a variety of dogs of different sizes and character to simulate the dogs you are likely to meet when in public. 

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Home from home Support Sessions via WhatsApp and Zoom are also available, after our initial meeting. Telephone and email support are offered for the rest of your dog's life, free of charge. 


Online Assessments and Support


For people who cannot visit me at one of outdoor venues, I offer online assessments and follow up support.  This option has been very successful with long distance and overseas clients. 


I would ask you to film your dog in the problem situation and send it to me via one of the internet transfer programs. We can then look at the video together, where I can talk through their behaviour and guide you on how to resolve any issues.

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